Projet Circle U. ERIA – appels à candidatures


Projet Circle U. ERIA – appels à candidatures

The Circle U. European alliance brings together nine research-intensive, multidisciplinary and international universities with the aim to create a European university ecosystem that trains engaged citizens, promotes quality and excellence in teaching and research, and is open to society.

L'alliance européenne Circle U. représente neuf universités de recherche, inclusives, multidisciplinaires et internationales, dans le but de créer un écosystème universitaire européen qui forme des citoyens engagés, promeut la qualité et l'excellence de l'enseignement et de la recherche, et est ouvert sur la société.

In the frame of its Circle U. ERIA (Empowering Research and Innovation Actions) project, three calls are now open to researchers.

Dans le cadre de son projet Circle U. ERIA, trois appels à candidatures sont désormais ouverts aux chercheurs.

Inter Circle U. Prize for inter- and transdisciplinary research (ICUP)

Deadline for application: 10 May, 2022
Objective: Promote best examples of inter- and transdisciplinary research at Circle U. universities.

What’s in it for me: Raise the visibility of my research projects, and showcase my work through a promotional video produced by professionals.

Circle U. Sandpits

Deadline for application: 31 May, 2022
The first Circle U. Sandpit 2022 will consist in 2 two-day residential workshops in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) on September 12-13 and on November 23-24, 2022. The participation is funded by Circle U. (travels and accommodation).  
Objective: Foster interdisciplinarity and connect internal and external stakeholders.

What’s in it for me: Initiate interdisciplinary projects with Circle U. researchers and external stakeholders.

Interdisciplinary Thematic Research Networks (ITRN)

Deadline for application: 31 May, 2022
Objective: Support interdisciplinary partnerships amongst researchers from Circle U. universities and stakeholders. Support will be provided for the running costs of the networking activities (e.g. workshop, short-term mobility, initiation of early-stage collaborative research projects, etc..) amounting to €5,500 per ITRN. 
What’s in it for me: Develop a network with Circle U. researchers as well as non-academic stakeholders (Open to Principal Investigators conducting research at Circle U. Universities).